Having trouble with table builder/looping function in docx plugin

Troubleshooting docx plugin in appian.

I am having difficulties creating a dynamic table using the appian create document plugin for a docx file. The strangest part is the original template template I am using paired with the html converted sail code I am passing into it through the process model is working. But If I make any slight changes to the original template I receive a parsing error.

This is my original and working template:

This is my original and working SAIL code:

In contrast to these working models this is the original only slightly changed to match my codes needs but besides name changes no syntax was changed:

And here is the SAIL code to go with it: 

The only aspect added was ‘type’ with no syntactic change I am stumped as to what could be causing this parsing error instead of the correct information on the out-put:

Parsing error in template "fr.opensagres.xdocreport.document.docx.DocxReport@14b1b7e0!word/document.xml" in line 4, column 4403:

< is not a valid identifier.

This same issue is apparent when I try and change the markup language to simply be a loop instead of a table: 


Submitted By: ${doc.project.submittedBy}

Time Submitted: ${doc.project.timeSubmitted}

Status: ${doc.project.status}

Expense Items :

«[#list doc.project.expense as e]»Name: ${e.@name}

Type: ${e.@type}


In summary I am stumped as to why simply changing a name in an object could cause a parsing error when the output was correct before?

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