Facing issues in 'Get Document from SharePoint 2010'

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to download a document from share-point using 'SharePoint Document Integration' plug-in-


I am using smart service 'Get Document from SharePoint 2010'.

I have configured parameters as below-

1. Domain- have left it blank

2. EndpointUrl: ="http://artdcvdsp05:7752/_vti_bin/copy.asmx"

artdcvdsp05 is the share-point server domain and 7752 is the port number. As per the documentation available in plug-in I have given above URL for the first option i.e. SharePoint site at the web application root

3. SecureCredentialKey: I have configured third-party credentials in admin console page and have allowed access to this plugin and have given that key over here.

4. SharepointPath: My document name is 'activity-sonar.PNG' so i have given path as below-

"artdcvdsp05:7752/.../Shared Documents/Profile/activity-sonar.PNG"

5. TargetFolder: i have given folder ID of the Appian folder.

After configuring the service as above, smart service execution is successful but I am getting error as 'There was an unknown error. Please verify all information is present and try again'.

I am able to view/download the document by browsing above SharepointPath using the credentials that I have set under third party credentials in admin console.

Any help to resolve this would be great. 

Thanks in advance!!

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