How to capture e-signatures or digital signatures on Appian SAIL Interfaces?

How to capture the digital signature on a SAIL form?

We need to digitally sign a PDF, Can we embed Adobe sign or DocuSign in Appian and digitally sign them in Appian SAIL form.

Using DocuSign will send us an email for digital signature. Is there any possibility to capture it in SAIL from from Appian.

Please suggest.

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  • Hi
    Please try the below. Pass the static recipient id as below in the input for Create and Send Envelope.
    Then use the same in recipient signing URL.

        "emailSubject": "DocuSign API - Signature Request on Document Call",
        "recipients": {
          "signers": {
              "email": ri!email,
              "name": ri!name,
              "clientUserId": "1",
              "recipientId": "1",
              "routingOrder": "1"


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