Creating a Custom Component React Plugin


I was reading through the documentation to create a component plugin here: 

It mentions that you can use the token for the javascript api, and that it will be replaced when the plugin is deployed.  For the case of a react component I would want to do a production build prior to deployment.  In order to run the build command I would need to access to the api so that I could import it and use the associated methods in the code.  How would I add the Appian.Component class as a node module or dependency?


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    Actually that's been the way we've been deploying our custom component to our Appian environment.

    What we are doing currently is to put the script within the index entry file so that it would get loaded successfully when deployed to Appian. This is after we have ran the webpack build and it returns us our index_bundle.js file.

    When we run it on webpack dev server however, the loading of this script will fail, however we have another module which handles a backend call to our local server to call third-party APIs.

    So we're building an extra module which would be needed when we do development and testing on our local environment, as opposed to when you have the Appian.Component when the custom component has been deployed to your Appian environment.