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I'm using 'Import excel to database' smart service in the process. When I run the process, it executes successfully, but does not write anything to database table. Does anyone have suggestions?

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  • Hi
    Can you open the excel file and check for the last field if it contains the empty string?

  • Please refer to this thread:

    Trick is the to remove the last column in your excel file and use it under "New Columns" with it's value under "New Column Values". 

    For example, in my CDT, the last column is always "isActive". Now when I would want to import Excel to database, I will not include "isActive" column on excel file, rather, I will input "IsActive" as Value under 'New Columns' and "1" as value under 'New Column Values'. 

    Following the pointers/field guide that  provided earlier, as inputs for 'New Column' and 'New Column Values', you should be able to import data. 

    As  mentioned, these were supposed to be optional fields, however, the node fails if they aren't populated, for some reason. 

    Keeping rest of the parameters as desired, the node should pass. It worked for me considering below: 

    1. Do not add primary field in the excel file to be imported. If it's auto-incremented, it will automatically get created
    2. Column headers as in the excel file and database should be same
    3. If there are boolean fields, ensure there is no "null" or blank cell. It should either be 1 or 0
    4. To be cent percent sure, I exported my CDT as CSV, converted it to excel file, and used that format for data backfill/import 
    5. I'm using "jdbc/appian" as Data Source Name
    6. Sheet Number starts from 0 to n
    7. Excel Document should be the file name only (without extension). Use browse and select the file to be sure 

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