Best approach for using custom made plugin for unlocking locked files


I have a custom made plugin (smart service) in the system for unlocking  files part of KCs, that have been lock more than 2 hours and it is called by other process schedule every 5 min.

The problem is that those KSs have more files every day and the mention plugin is pointing to deprecated API (based on Appian Health check report) .

So I do smoe tests and sow that when it is active I have a performance issue on sending mails, modify folder security and rename folders.

If it is not active those problem not appear.

Also, I will like to mention that at this moment we are on  Appian 18.1 still .

So my question is what is the best approach, should I modify it and change those deprecated API or anyone have some other modern approach to implement the functionality that we have?

Thanks in advance.


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