Smart Service plugin - how to cast Typevalue to a CDT

Hi All, I have developed a smart service plugin with an input argument (below). So I can pass any type of argument to the parameter.

@Input(required = Required.ALWAYS)
public void setProperties(TypedValue properties[])

And also I have a CDT in same a plugin with getter and setter methods.

@XmlType(name="NTRSProperty", namespace=NTRSProperty.NAMESPACE, propOrder = {

public class TestProperty

I also declared TypeService as an argument in plugin constructor for retrieving CDT instance properties. My intention is to iterate thru TypedValue properties[] and cast properties[index] to TestProperty (CDT in same plugin application)

Please let me know how to cast objects? is it possible to cast objects? All I want is the value (even as text) of TypedValue  object so I have a way to parse the value and get attributes of TestProperty.



  • I found one way of fetching the value of TypeValue, below is snippet

    //TypedValue[] properties

    for(int i=0;i<properties.length;i++)

    System.out.println("properties[i].toString() " + properties[i].toString());


    properties[i].toString() TypedValue[it=6462,v={{{DocumentTitle,string,PluginTest}}}]

    properties[i].toString() TypedValue[it=6462,v={{{DocumentTitle,string,hello!'()%@`~#%^&*{}:;}}}]


    I think i can apply regex and get CDT attribute values.

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