Component plugin is not working

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Hi All,

I have a local appian installed on my computer, I'm trying to deploy a component plugin into it and its giving below error

Can someone please look into it and let me know what can be the reason behind this error? Thanks in advance

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  • Hi Stefan Helzle,

    Could you please help me... 

    I have a requirement to install a component plugin into _admin/plugins directory, I am trying to deploy this plugin using devops team. But the error message is showing as may be file is unstructured.

    I am sharing the link below for the reference, Could you please send me the ZIP file to install and guide me please.

    I am expecting as below from appian interface

        a!textField(value: local!pins, label: "Pins", saveInto: local!pins),
          label: "Map",
          labelPosition: "ABOVE",
          validations: {},
          height: "AUTO",
          key: <YOUR_API_KEY>,
          location: "",
          pin: a!save(target: local!pins, fn!append(local!pins, save!value))