How to retrieve the calling User in a custom function without passing it as a parameter ?

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Could you please tell me how can i retrieve the caller of a custom function inside this function (in java) ?  I would like to check at least if he has the sysadmin rights.

Thanks in advance 


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    After exploring different plugins, it appears that the only context injectable in custom functions is

    Since then, it's possible to retrieve the caller like shown in the next reply.


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    	public TypedValue sysInfo(ServiceContext
    			  sc,UserProfileService ups_) throws AppianException {
    		HashMap<TypedValue, TypedValue> ret = new HashMap<TypedValue, TypedValue>();
    		try {
    			UserProfile profile = ups_.getUser(sc.getName());
    			if (!profile.getUserTypeId().equals(UserProfile.USER_TYPE_SYS_ADMIN)) {
    				String errorText = "User " + profile.getUsername()
    						+ " is not a System Administrator.  You must run sysInfo as an administrator.";
    				throw new Exception(errorText);