plugin uploaded but its function unavailable

Hello everybody,

in one cloud of ours (running Appian 21.2) we are facing this issue.

We have uploaded the plugin: "Text File Utilities 2.0.0" in order to use the readtextfromfile() function.

When we type the name of the function readtextfromfile in a rule, the name of function
is suggested by Appian, but when we execute the function, the following message appears:

"Expression evaluation error at function 'readtextfromfile': The function 'readtextfromfile' is unavailable."

I also looked at in the tomcat-Stdout.log of today but I did not find nothing related to this plugin nor to the function.

Last, this problem does not arise in my personal Community Edition.

Could you please give me some advice or suggestion?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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