Plugin Advanced Rich Text Editor Error, value doesn´t display at first time

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When the editor loads for the 1st time, whether passing in anything (valid HTML, text) to richTextValue via local variable or rule input, the editor does not display the value. 

As soon as designer edits the SAIL, e.g. remove the richTextValue parameter and undo (ctrl-z), or toggle isReadOnly, the value is displayed.,

Usage bar shows % as >0, so it seems to think that there is value there, but is not displaying them.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new UI object, and add Advanced Rich Text Editor component
  2. Create a rule input of type Text
  3. Set richTextValue to rule input
  4. Supply a text value, e.g. "Hello" as rule input, set as default value
  5. Save object and close
  6. Open object - observe that "Hello" is not shown on load
  7. Toggle to Expression Mode, delete richTextValue parameter, and undo (ctrl-z) - observe that "Hello" is now displayed

this comment is from and i have the same issue. Does anyone know a way to fix this? Thanks

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