Get error from Process Instance

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Hi all.

I would like to capture via API the error that has occurred within a process instance in Appian. I have tried to do it with several methods through the ProcessExecutionService, but I can't find a way to do it.

The error I want to capture is the one I can see within the process instance in the errors tab

Could you help me please?

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    in reply to Stefan Helzle

    Thx Stefan. Finally after a quick research, I've seen that the operation can be done using PortalNotificationService (Appian API),  but it' s actually deprecated, and the recommendation is to use the tempo interface....but I can't find any replacement class in the API .... Tempo interface is just an interface, and can only be used in that context....

    It won't be possible in the future to access this information programatically?  Do you know when will this class be removed from API?