Which Plugin to generate a Docx file including some attached files

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I'm using the "DOCX From Dynamic Template" plugin to create docx files and it works well. With this is one I can add some fixed images in the generated document.

Unfortunately, with this later, I can not add any type of attached file, and can not not choose dynamically the position of my images.
(I've tried to attach a docx Word file but it is unreadable when i try to open it in the generated document)

So maybe would you know another plugin that could do this please ? 

I would like Appian to be able to add any attached files on any types (ex : pdf, zip, docx...) in my document, and need this plugin to let me add those attached filed in the position I've chosen (for example in the 2nd row and 3rd column of an array, or after a specific text)...


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