How to pass a null input for Execute Stored Procedure plugin expression?


I am using 16.2 and SQL server. I have a stored procedure with 4 inputs and those all 4 inputs can be null. The SPROC is defined to return summation of few columns. When I am executing the stored procedure in SQL server with all inputs as null, it's returning proper data.

However, when I tried to run the SPROC with null inputs via executeStoredProcedure plugin expression, it returns just null values.
How can I get the actual results by passing null values to a stored procedure?

Thank you!


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    Hi Omkar,

    I think you were trying this from a Smart Service, where we can pass the parameter of proper type by keeping them null and it works fine.

    From Expression function:

    When I initially tried passing an initialized parameter of type integer having a null value it, it always returned the below exception

    [success:false,error:The conversion from UNKNOWN to UNKNOWN is unsupported.]

    I had a look into the expression function and there is no validation for if a input parameter is passed or not.
    Hence as a workaround if you are evaluating a stored procedure from an expression function, and need to pass a null, just don't map that as an input.

    Although in the doc it says they should be defined for functions as well.