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Hello All,

I'm designing one application to update the values in database table, In such a way that the existing values will be displayed to the user in editable grid and user can update any values if needed. This edit option is available in record tab related action section. There are two interface forms designed for showing update success and update failure message after user clicks on update button. Now the issue that is happening here is when user changes the values and click update the flow redirects to update success form but its not visible to the user under current flow. Its available under Task Tab. I have enabled the activity chaining but still the form is not coming up at the same place. Can someone please suggest me why is this happening?

Thanks in advance

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    The number of activity chainings between two user input nodes is 10. As the subprocess that exists between this 2 nodes executes multiple time based on task we can find it appropriate that number of activity chaining might increased more than 50 but what if the subprocess executes only once? In that case activity chaining counts won't exceed more than 20 but still that form is not coming up.
  • If there is a sub-process between the two forms, and it is set to run synchronously, you need to make sure to check the box on Sub-Process Setup that says "Enable activity chaining into all initial nodes in the sub-process" and make sure that all paths inside the sub process are also chained.
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