Process model: 2 step form that saves to 2 different data stores


I am trying to create a form to add a new employee record.

On page 1 I have created an interface to enter personal details (name, age, gender ect...). 

On page 2 I have created an interface to enter job information (job role, department ect...). 

Personal details and job information are in 2 separate data stores. This is so if an employee changes job titles, that will be recorded. In future I could manipulate the dataset and see multiple job roles attached to a particular employee. 

My question is: how should I configure the process model so that the forms have a seamless transition from page 1 to page 2 and for the data to save in Employee DataStore on page 1, and data to save in JobInfo DataStore on page 2? 

Your help is very much appreciated. 

Many thanks, 


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