Process Variable not getting assigned with DSE

I have a rule to fetch DSE from database. Debugged and works fine.

In my process model, I'm using pkId to lookup data using my rule and then assigning it to a process variable. Unfortunately my process variable is not getting assigned. When I debug the process, I don't see any errors and I've double checked my rule for fetching data and that I'm passing id correctly.

On the Data Output tab of my script task I'm calling the rule - rule!GetDataById(pv!myId) with a Custom Output. myId is populated with value e.g. 4, and I see it when I debug

I'm storing the results in process variable for my entity. However, after I let the script task finish and check my process variables, my entity object is empty.

This should just work :-( 

What obvious thing could I be missing?

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  • Is there a way to debug/trap data returned from the fetch rule *before* Appian populates it into vehicle pv?

    Yes - as I said before, open VFM_getVehicleById in the Expression Rule editor, enter your id input (4), and click "Test Rule".  Have you done this already?  And if so, what is the exact result?

    If you want to "trap" the rule's output within the process model only (i.e. you think it's already working when viewed from the expression rule editor), you can create a new (temporary) TEXT PV, and save the same query result (wrapped in the toString() function) into it.  This will generally tell you whether any data at all is being returned from the query when the process is run, for instance if it's something that's returning data but not matching the CDT type of the original target PV.