Persisting CDT data elements the are called in a task form

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Dear all,

I have a CDT with a number of data elements that is being used in a Process Variable.  Some of the data elements (not all) are prepopulated before my process calls a user task.  When the user task is called, more data elements are populated by the user task.  However, I noticed that the entire CDT is overwritten with only the data elements that are populated in the user task.  Is there a way to configure the data tab of the user task so that both previous CDT elements and new CDT elements are preserved in the PV?


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  • Can you post a screenshot of your data input configuration (and output configuration too if you have anything relevant for it)?  I agree that what you're experiencing isn't what should be happening, so my guess is that you're performing a save incorrectly somewhere like in the data input/output, or on the SAIL form itself.

  • I suspect this is a mapping issue in the way you've set up passing the pv! to the Task and thence into the Interface. When I teach this topic I use a diagram to try to explain how the data flows from a pv!variable to an ac!variable (and how the ac!variable is mapped to a ri!, making it very clear that a ri! is NOT a variable but a pointer to the ac!variable).

    I've attached this diagram in case that helps clarify the conceptual model and therefore hep you diagnose your issue.