How to set the permissions (privileges) for users to reassign tasks to other users?

Hi, I need to be able to use a a!pickerFieldUsers()  control in an interface and reassign a task to another user in the same group of the logged in user. Something like this. I am using the groupfilter option to refer to the group of valid users. The problem that I have is that the control only shows (suggests) the same user to reassign. It doesn't show the other users in the group. If I log in with an administrative user then the picker field shows all the valid users in the group. I suspect it is a privileges or something like that issue, but I have not found where to configure that. I have tried many things like setting all the users as administrators of the group but I cannot make it work. Can someone please tell me what can I do? Thanks!

labelPosition: "COLLAPSED",
placeholder: "Type to Search for Users",
maxSelections: 1,
groupFilter: cons!CARD_OPERATIONS   <<----


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