Run scheduler on 2nd working day every month

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Regarding: Scheduler Configuration on Process Model Start Event Timer 

Requirement : To trigger the process on the 2nd working day of a month excluding weekends or public holidays 

Example :

Sep 2, 2020

Oct 2, 2020

Nov 3, 2020  (1st being a Sunday, 3rd is the next working day)

Dec 2, 2020

Jan 4, 2021 ( 2nd Jan is a Saturday, next working day is only on 4th)

And so on.. 


We tried implementing it monthly as per the following configuration:

  • Configured Time Recurrence as Monthly.
  • Repeat this task on =workday(workday(today(),0),1) of every 1 month(s)
  • At 12:00 AM

It was due to get triggered on Oct 2, 2020, but did not get triggered. Hence we need to implement in some other way to check before Nov,3 2020.


Approach : Implement a timer to run daily and check whether today() is the second working day of the month.

Question : Can we implement the timer in any other way, by configuring monthly and not daily. Any other approach is welcome.

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