Reading an XML file into an Interface

Hi I have a need to be able to select an XML file, and use fields in it to populate an interface.

At the moment I have a simpe interface with a File Upload and a Rule Input of xmlData (Document) which the file upload saves to.

I am then kicking off a process model on submit which runs a script task.

I have activity class parameters for the fields I want and am running the following script on each one

Currently I just get an error on the process model when I debug:
Script Task An error occurred while evaluating expression: =xpathdocument(pv!xmlFile,"/Document/Fields/Field[@Name='Department']/@Value") (Expression evaluation error at function 'xpathdocument': An error occurred while trying to parse the XML stream.) (Data Inputs)

Does anyone know what the error is more specifically?  Am I on the right lines or is there a better way of doing this? 

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