"Error when parsing process details or variables" at start process node

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Hi All,

I have a PM wherein im calling few processes- async and sync.

The structure is -> Start node-> script task-> sync subprocess -> gateway-> sync subprocess -> start process->  start process-> scrip task and so on..

Every day few instances get error on the first start process(i made it bold ) with the following error

Error when parsing process details or variables

Also when we restart the node, the process runs without error.

We have trd if the variable that we send is not in proper format . We are passing only one cdt pv to this start process.

I am not understanding why the error would come, is it coz of the engines beign busy? but why alwasy on the same node?

If anyone could make this all sence or give a solution, it will be time saving for us.

Thanks in advance.

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