Un-used Process Variables

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We have a process model (process A) with unused variables and we have a warning message in Process that "variableA" is unused. We went ahead deleted that variable and published the process. The sub process called in Process A has same variable name ("variableA") in it. In the setup of sub process we had a some logic to pass to that variable from Process A. Strangely after deleting "variableA" in process A erased the code in the setup of sub process for "variableA". Did anyone come across this behavior?

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  • So the parent process gave an "unused" warning for a process variable, but it was used as the input to the sub process?  Or the input to the sub process was different but it was removed when you deleted the parent's pv!variableA from the model?

    To confirm, what exactly was the input to the sub process's variableA?  

    If this was pv!variableA from the parent, was it not used anywhere else in the model (making the input irrelevant)?

    What version are you on, on-prem or cloud?

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    I have also run into this. I tried to create a minimal example below.

    The main process has a Boolean variable called 'readOnly_bool'. It calls a sub process with a Boolean parameter called 'readOnly_bool'.  The Boolean parameter is set with a literal (false()). When the process variable readOnly_bool is deleted, the parameter setting is removed from the call to the sub process.

    Diagram of main process. Note the warning that process variable readOnly_bool is unused:

    Process variables for Test_Process

    Setup for the call to the sub process.  The parameter is set with a literal value.

    After deletion of the process variable in the main process, the input variable is deleted:


    I'm using cloud.

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    The Product team has created a bug ticket for this behaviour: AN-229406