Facing problems with impact analysis

Dear All,

I am facing a problem with impact analysis.

I have a CDT (XSD attached), which is used in multiple Process Model. Recently we have added one field to this XSD and recreated the CDT. When I do the impact analysis the system doesn't show the list of objects that uses this CDT.

The system displays the following

No applications contain references to the data type "MAC_CIQ." Results are current as of Aug 12, 2016 9:03:06 AM.





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  • Try importing the CDT as a patch and selecting "update all" affected objects option when it shows up.
  • What do you mean by recreating here ? The uniqueness of a CDT is its combination of name and namespace .. If you have deleted the old CDT and imported this new xsd modifying either (possibly namespace in your case) then appian considers it as a different cdt and hence doesn't show up any reference objects.
  • Hi,
    You mean to say, are you deleting the existing cdt and again try to create the new cdt..

    Please tel me which one your working on?
    Suppose , a new cdt column is added no need to recreate just you can update the previous one..
  • Hi senthilr143 -
    If you have imported a new version of a CDT OR deleting the old cdt from the environment and imported the new one (WITHOUT CHANGING THE NAME AND THE NAMESPACE OF CDT - as the combination of these 2 Appian uses to determine if its the same CDT or different) and still you are seeing the above mentioned error, then in order to make this work make sure that
    your impacted process models & artifacts need to be part of an application and be published (so you don't lose the "saved only" changed) since the impact analysis publishes the models at the end of the update.

    Else, if you have changed the name and namespace of cdt as well as part of this cdt update, then it will be an expected behavior as Appian now treats them as a new CDT.
    If this is the case, simply revert back the name and the namespace present earlier before the cdt update - do the updates in the cdt field in that xsd and re-import in the environment and then perform impact analysis.
    Best practice to import the cdt now is to import the cdt using the 'Import the new version of CDT' feature present in the /design view.

    Hope it helps.
  • Adding to the above just to throw some more light on this:
    The namespace is defined in the XSD and that is the one which has preference over any setting.

    The conf.data.type.designer.namespace is just for those data types you create from the UI.

    Once a model points to {namespace_1}MY_CDT even if you delete and reimport a CDT with a different qualified name the model will still reference {namespace_1}MY_CDT because the model is independent from the CDT changes that's why Impact Analysis was created but that works only if the CDT is the "same" which means same namespace same name.

    Any changes in namespace not planned beforehand will require you to remap your models.
  • This is probably a reiteration of the previous comments, but I'm assuming you're importing a new version of a CDT into another environment, in which case, you have to delete the data type that needs to be updated & then import the new version of the CDT (of the same name).