Filter out process instances that are listed as 'Active with Errors' status


I am trying to create a portal process report where I need to filter out process instances that are listed as 'Active with Errors' status in the Monitoring page of designer.

For testing purpose I have a process model with 4 active instances. All these instances had an error-ed out script task each. I had fixed 3 instances and resumed them.
Now if I search for the instances of this model in the Monitoring page - I am getting all the 4 instances (Active) and 1 of them is with status 'Active with Errors'.

So ultimately as per my need - if I filter process instances with 'Active with Errors' status here, I will be ended up with only one instance as result.

But in my portal report I am not getting this expected result of 1 instance which is 'Active with errors'. Instead, I get all the 4 active instances.
I am using the below filters :
- Process model name as *<PMName>*
- Status in 0,4 (Active, Paused by Exception)
- Active tasks = 0 (I have created a column named active tasks and mapped the 'num_active_tasks' process metrics to it). This is used to filter active instances without any active tasks which indirectly gives us any instance with error-ed out node)

Kindly provide your assistance on this.
Thanks in advance :)

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  • Hi and ,

    As mentioned above, the Monitoring view in Appian Designer has more error monitoring functionality than the older process reports and we haven't exposed the monitoring view's capabilities to process reports.

    Could you two open support cases to provide our support team with the use cases you are trying to achieve that require this functionality (as much detail as possible to help the product team understand your problem please!) and ask them to add these details to Product Use Case #1319?