Export Users and User Group Assignments

Is there a way to export the list of Users and their respective Group Assignment from Appian ? I have audit review where this information needs to be pulled easily. Today it is being done manually and resource intensive.


  • Hi Rajendrans,

    As per my knowledge there is no direct way to do that. But I think you can do it by creating a process model which will pull the users from the appian.

    If you are using on-premise appian then you can find the registered users in appian primary datastore. But if you are using appian on cloud then I think you will not be permitted to access primary datastore.

    also if you know the group then by using that you can pull all the users which are available in that group (For this there is a shared component available in appian)
  • Depending on how many users and groups that you have, you might be able to assign all users to your applications' All Users group, track all of your group IDs in a database or constant, and then use the getdistinctusers() and isusermemberofgroup() functions to cycle through each user and test group membership, respectively.
  • In addition to Harry's recommendation, see if this this shared component will help serve your needs:

  • @rajendrans Did you try any approaches and got struck, as this will make the community help you resume towards solution?

    Also, here goes a couple of suggestions which might or might not work for you but I believe these can kick start your thoughts towards building the solution:
    1. Building a Task Report that works based on the context of the User and the analytics query may be iterated for each user in the environment.
    2. In case if you are trying to get the assignments for a User by involving the User AND his/her membership Groups, then you may build an expression rule that queries analytics. One thing you need to do to facilitate this approach is, build a query analytics rule that queries All Tasks Report with filters as User and his membership Groups. (In case if you are interested, you can check the expression rule at /search?q=OriginalPostID-244965 which was built by me and this gets the tasks based on the task assignees which is nothing but the user and his/her membership groups in each iteration.)

    The approaches stated above are based on the understanding of your post and in case if they deviate from actual requirements, it would be good if you can elaborate further as this would help us stay away from over engineering or inflating requirements.

    If you are looking to retrieve all users from Appian instance you can apply a similar concept to 'APN All Users' where all users in the instance will be added to the group by a rule and then querying this group should be enough. Or you may also use the application's All Users group if available as suggested by @harrys. But querying the primary data store (whether it's an on-premise or cloud) should be avoided at least in this case (which isn't recommended as well) as we have other ways to do this.
  • Thanks for the comments folks. I am yet to try an approach as I felt this should be a basic out of box functionality of the product for admins. Will keep my findings posted.
  • It is a good suggestion that it should be part of the base product, noted. For the moment, I would suggest using the shared component as mentioned above to allow you to quickly export this information and decrease manual effort.

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