Appian Task Recorder - Not able to see the dropdown SELECT APPLICATION on the pop up


I am using a windows machine and while trying to use the Task Recorder on Appian RPA I am not able to select the Application. There is too much white space in between. I can see that the SELECT APPLICATION dropdown is at the bottom if I forcibly move the popup window at the top. I cannot resize this window (pop-up) nor I can drag it enough at the top for me to select the application. I see the issue on both of these versions. 

Appian Version 22.3 Appian RPA 8.5.0
Appian Version 22.4 Appian RPA 8.7.0
I didn't face this issue earlier.. This may have happened in last 2-3 months with latest upgrade possibly. Is it just me or everyone is facing the same issue. I have already raised it with Appian

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