Need to understand the element pick concept in Appian RPA and getting element not found exception

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Hi All,

FYI, This is my first POC to develop the bot tasks in the Appian RPA. And I have other experiences in the RPA tools also Appian BPM. 

I need to know some details about to pick the particular element via windows automation or browser automation.


  • How to identify the element via windows application(example:Calculator) or web application?
  • I tried via recording and save it. But after open the calculator application, click 8 in the calculator getting element not found exception
  • If we are not using recording to do each node of process there is any ways in the custom. Like one click drag and used in middle of process in this how to pick the particular element as like as recording.


Pradeep Sridharan

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  • Question 1: The easiest way would be using the Task Recorder. For example, you can move your mouse over the button until there is a box around it and then select it. Once selected, the Automation ID and Control type values should be returned.

    As an alternative, you can use Accessibility Insights for Windows (AIW) to manually identify the context for the ControlType, ClassName, Name and AutomationId and then manually configure that in the workflow using the RPA Console. See this for AIW details. 

    For a browser, you can use the Browser inspect feature to manually identify the context.

    Question 2: I was able to reproduce this 'The element could not be found' error when using a missing Automation ID - for example 'num8Button2'. Make sure you have recorded or manually configure a correct matching Automation ID - for example - num8Button.

    Question 3: You can manually move the 'Interact with element' action from the Palette to the canvas and then configure the properties using the Advanced setting for the Element selector. Here is an example.

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    Thank you so much. Its really helpful for me to learn basics of Appian RPA. I will try and let you know if anything needed.

  • Great! We also offer an instructor led Applied RPA course in addition to the online courses which can help with the basics.

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