Unable to execute rpa when AWS is closed

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I've configured the RPA agent on the AWS server, and it runs fine when AWS is open. However, when I close AWS, I'm unable to execute the RPA as it's waiting for the resources too long.

The status of the agent is offline. 

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  • It looks like you've set up the automatic sign-in service. Do you need it? Otherwise, you can run your agent with admin privileges and that should enable your agent to stay online even when you close out of your VM. 

    If you do need to use automatic sign-in, did you try testing it by clicking "SIGN IN" manually in the robot details page? If it says it was able to sign in successfully there, you should then double check that the robot status flips from "STANDBY" to "ONLINE" (and then stay online). 

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    We have been using Appian RPA with auto sign-in for an extended period without any issues. However, we recently updated our VM OS version from Microsoft 2016 to Microsoft 2022 version, which corresponds to a newer Microsoft version. Could this change have any impact compared to the previous setup? Please let me know.

    we are already using RPA and auto sign-in in our production region, and it's functioning correctly. As we transition from version 2016 to 2022, we are currently testing this setup in our test region.

    Auto sign is enabled : Yes, I have tried with auto sign-in enabled, and we are able to sign in to the virtual machine and sign out of the virtual machine successfully. When we run RPA the status is change from standby to offline.

    Without auto sign in enabled : We have disabled auto sign-in, and we are able to  run the RPA agent when AWS is open successfully, but when we close AWS, we encounter issues. Additionally, we are running the agent as  "Run as administrator" 

    When we run RPA the status is change from online to offline.

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    I resolved the issue : Find the folder where the rpa files was installed -- Right click i the folder  -- click properties--- security tab you will find groups and usernames  by adding the missing user account to the group and granting them full control( The user which i used to login to aws). As a result, I can now execute without encountering any errors.