Doubts Regarding create robot in Appian?

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I'm learning Appian RPA tutorial.

I'm trying to create a Robot for ParseExcel Example. I have few doubts while creating a robot.

1. What kind of permissions we need to add there? ( I added my mail id which is registered for Appian is that correct)

2. I installed java in my local system and set in Environment variable also. Do we need to provide the Path here or is it fine to leave it blank?

3. I added my email id which is used for Appian community login in permission and added my local system JRE Path in JRE Path. Downloaded and installed the exe file. 

After click on ok The Robot showing offline.

4. If I execute as per following the document it is not working. Below is the execution log 

Below is the tutorial document I followed.


Please guide me where I went wrong.


Sadhu Surendra.

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