toJson v/s toJson_17r1 : missing fields


we have an issue with the new version of a!toJson rule.

The new function a!toJson skip all fields that aren't text from a CDT.

use case:

1- create CDT TST_toJson_17r1:

   field 1: text1 - text

   field 2: text2 - text

   field 3: int - number (integer)

2 - using a!toJson_17r1(type!TST_toJson_17r1()) = "{"text1":"","text2":"","int":null}"

3 - using a!toJson(type!TST_toJson_17r1()) = "{"text1":"","text2":""}"  <= the integer field is missing

This is happend also with date field (maybe other types are conserned)

if we try the same senario with a dictionnary, borh funtion act i n the same way:

- a!toJson({text1:"",text2:"",int:0})           => {"text1":"","text2":"","int":0}

- a!toJson_17r1({text1:"",text2:"",int:0})  => {"text1":"","text2":"","int":0}


the probleme occure only with CDTs.


the beavior of new toJson function is expected or it's a regression?


thank in advance

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