Filter dataSubset after aggregation

Hi Team,

i am new to appian and i wanted to show frequently changing employees in a grid.

i have a queryentity which uses queryaggregationcolumns employeeid for groupby and transferid for count with alias name given.

once i get the result from the dataSubset i only wanted to display the rows with transferidcount>=3.

i am facing below issues - 1. i am not able to use queryfilter as alias name is not getting accepted here. 

2. Filter is asking for list as second parameter 

3.Load datasubset where(count>=3) is giving me intergers as output

4.sometimes i get list of boolean values as an output like if count is >=3 True and false for other rows.

i have gone through existing posts but couldnot make it out of them.

Kindly help.

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