Results not visible after Test Rule in Expression Rule editor

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Hello! I am trying to run a fairly long (30-40 min) expression rule to gather some statistics on documents in the system that are not readily available. This is a one-off activity so I am trying not to over solution anything. That being said, I created an expression rule that loops through all of the documents in the provided folder (using functions from the Content Tools plugin) and returns the data we would like to see. The thought was to have an administrator run this rule manually in production and copy/screenshot the results. I have not faced any issues in lower environments with ~50K or fewer documents (about 5 minutes of run-time). In a higher non-production environment, the expression rule appears to run without issue (note: we are just clicking "Test Rule" to run), but no results or errors are displayed. The results should be a dictionary with approximately 40 items. When I was trying to debug the code immediately after running the rule, the results actually did display after some of the code was changed (commented out) and the expression rule editor provided the syntax error. I tried to reproduce this behavior by refreshing the rule and running again. The results did not display (somewhat expected at that point), but now the expression rule editor was not reacting to any code changes (no * next to the rule name, no syntax error, etc.). Does anyone know what might be causing this? Thank you!

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