Not able to filter basis on year into timestamp

Hi ,

I have list of year which i want to pass in dataset to filter out date between those years. But query is not returning anything.

I am new to this concept so please guide me on that.

  local!years: {2015,2016,2017},
    items: local!years, 
    expression: a!queryEntity(
      entity: cons!YEAR_DETAILS,
      query: a!query(
        filter: {a!queryFilter(
          field: "created",
          operator: "between",
          value: {datetime(fv!item,month(1),day(1),hour(1),minute(1),second(1)),datetime(fv!item,month(12),day(31),hour(12),minute(1),second(1))}
        pagingInfo: a!pagingInfo(
        startIndex: 1,
        batchSize: - 1,
        sort: a!sortInfo(
          field: "created",
          ascending: true

Kindly consider YEAR_DETAILS table .

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