QueryEntity unable to retrieve large data in expression rule


We are facing an issue while using a!queryEntity to retrieve data from a View table which contains a totalCount of around 100,000 records. The expression rule fails when batchsize is -1 and returns the following error "Expression evaluation error at function a!queryEntity: An error occurred while retrieving the data.". but if we specify a smaller batchsize it's working fine as expected.

Moreover, The expression rule works as expected in lower lanes with about 5000 records.

what could be a work around to this?  

  • I think here  the issue is not with the query entity , please check the time taken by the view to retrive the complete data from the DB client side. If its taking moretime the issue is with the view. I dont think so 100000 record is the issue and my suggestion is to always use paging and get datas as per the batching.

  • As said,

    1. TIme taken to run the query is limited and configure in the property file.

    2. The amount of memory in bytes is also limited in conf file that.

    3. Better to use paging and query in batch to keep the application in performance.

    Let us know above 2 point config value and queryEntity expression to fins the issues.


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    9 months ago

    While fetching data via query there is a limit on the time taken to retrieve data. Querying in batches may resolve your issue.

    If the data has to be queried in bulk, you can use a stored procedure as an alternative. But that too has some pros and cons.

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