Is there any logs in Appian to understand the performance issue of expression rules?

Hi All,

I have attached an image below to show an unrealistic peak in the response time for one of the expression rules.

Expression rule is having a simple query entity and the query entity call is being made to the database which is hosted/placed in a different network altogether. Appian interacts with Database through VPN. So whenever this expression rule runs, the journey will be like Appian --> VPN --> Database. Appian is in one network and VPN and Database is in another network.

Is there any logs to check and understand why the expression rule has taken more response time during that period?

However I did check in tomcat-stdOut.log, expressions_details.csv, perf_monitor_rdbms_slow.csv, but I couldn't able to find anything particularly for this performance issue.

Please let me know if any further information is required.

Thanks in advance

Beena V

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