Indexing array in the grid

Hey Everyone ,

I need to display the data in the grid as :

Type Description Country
Nameabc1 abc

Brasil , India

nameabc2 def


My data looks like . 

[Type=[id=1, name=nameabc1], country=[id=Bra, name=Brasil]; [id=Ind, name=India], description=abc];[Type=[id=2, name=nameabc2], country=[id=Nep, name=Nepal], description=Testing def]

The Problem I am facing is on indexing the country column . 
When I index it , it says the totalcount of grid =2 , but total data for the grid is=3 .
Its because when I country column is taking --> [id=Bra, name=Brasil]; [id=Ind, name=India];[id=Nep, name=Nepal] .
Instead of , [[id=Bra, name=Brasil]; [id=Ind, name=India]]  ; [[id=Nep, name=Nepal]].

Any suggestion how I can add those extra "[ ]" , so that I can display the country accordingly . ?????

Thanks in advance .

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