Remove the duplicate values from a text rule input?

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My requirement is to remove the duplicate values from a rule input of type text. Here is a sample input and output.

Input: Hello hello Hello there there past pastures

Output: Hello there past pastures

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    in reply to Stewart Burchell

    i was looking for online documentation :) 
    I know how to search for specific function at the documentation ( My question targeted towards fn! functions specifically. we have a list of several functions provided by appian. Are all of them available as fn!


    my code would have looked something like this:


      local!trimmed: trim(ri!inputString),
      local!split: split(local!trimmed, " "),
      local!lower: lower(local!split),
      local!union: union(local!lower, local!lower),
      local!result: a!forEach(
        items: local!union,
        expression: if(
          concat(proper(fv!item), " "),
          concat(fv!item, " ")

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