Issue in Expression Rule for particular task id and in Database it takes more time to load for the respective id

Hi All,

I am facing an issue both in expression rule and in oracle database but I am confused like what will be  the reason for this issue.

Issue in expression rule:

I just want to query data from database and it runs fine for all task id.

But it shows me error only for the task id #141.

Issue in Oracle database:

When I try to retrieve data in one particular view for task #141 it takes more time(more than 5 minutes) to load even for 2 rows but at last the output comes.

But when I try for some other task id it takes time less than a minute even it has 1000 rows.

Note : The entity I used in expression rule and the view I ran in oracle database are same. Only for task #141 this issue occurs.

We checked process instances, it doesn't show any error.

Because of the above issue the users are not able to open the task 141 in site, since it loads for several minutes

and then loading pauses then loading disappears.

Please help me to sort this issue.

Thanks in Advance.

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