Document Name Storing with document name, extension and size instead of only document name.


I am validating just uploaded document size  with below code:


fullName: null(),
name: null(),
ext: null(),
size: tointeger(null())


local!value: a!fileUploadField(value: todocument(ri!documentId), target:cons!RMO_FOLDER_ALL_DOCUMENTS, fileNames: fv!file),

local!fileDetails: tostring(local!value.contents.value.filename),

local!fileName: extract(local!fileDetails, "[name=", ", extension" )[1],
local!fileExt: extract(local!fileDetails, "extension=", ", size")[1],
local!fileSize: tointeger(extract(local!fileDetails, "size=", "]")[1]),
fullName: local!fileName & if(rule!APN_isBlank(local!fileExt), "", "." & local!fileExt),
name: local!fileName,
ext: local!fileExt,
size: local!fileSize

Issue: After clicking on submitting button, document name storing as [name=Document Name, extension=docx, size=3752844] instead of only document name in KC.

Can anyone let me know how to store only document name instead of all above details in KC.

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