Date being single element in array vs Date being one of the elements in array

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I have a value of type Date, inside two arrays. 
First array has only one value,
Second array has multiple values. 

When I try to evaluate their typeOf(), 
I get 54 (Date with Timezone) for first one, 

I get 7 (Date) for second one.

The question is, why does the data type change for todate(now()) in first and second array ?


  local!singleItem: { todate(now()) },
  local!listOfVariant: { 2, todate(now()) },
    typeOfSingleItem: a!forEach(
      items: local!singleItem,
      expression: typeof(fv!item)
    typesOfListOfVariant: a!forEach(
      items: local!listOfVariant,
      expression: typeof(fv!item)


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