Is there a way to set up a query entity to filter on fields that are an empty st

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Is there a way to set up a query entity to filter on fields that are an empty string?

The following returns an error:

field: "FIELDNAME",
operator: "<>",
value: ""

However, operator: "is null" seems to exclude the results that are "".

This is especially an issue because Appian will write an "" to a varchar field when a null is passed into a Write to Datastore entity. Now there is no way to query for these rows.



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  • hi  ,

    I should not display particular row in my grid column if the value is  empty/ null . I tried giving this value but still the empty cell is displayed  , Please suggest.

    label: text(date(year(today()), 1, 1), "mmm yyyy"),
    CellValue: fv!row.TeamMemberValue
    showwhen: if( and(a!isNotNullOrEmpty(fv!row.TeamMemberValue),contains(local!Month,"1")),true,false),



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    Hey Priyanka -

    There are a couple different issues with your response here...

    1. this thread is over 7 years old, including the comment you're replying to
    2. the comment you're replying to has nothing to do with the issue you're asking about - it probably would've been better to just create your own original post for this

    Per your question: you're asking about the "showWhen" parameter on the a!gridColumn() component.  For a column, you can't use fv!row data to show/hide the column, because for any given column, it'll always be shown/hidden regardless of individual row data.  In fact, the fv!row data is not even accessible from the showWhen parameter, for this reason. 

    In a grid, you can't have some rows "show" a certain column and other rows "hide" it - that wouldn't really even be a grid at that point.  The best you can do is show an empty value in that column for that row (which you already seem to be doing), or decide to hide the entire column based on some external factor that you use on-form logic to calculate in advance.