hi all, is there a way to prevent a grid from showing a default empty row

hi all,
is there a way to prevent a grid from showing a default empty row ?
i did some test.
this will occur when the grid includes a true/false column or dropdown column(these fields are all not required).

however if you set null as default value to true/false field, sometimes the default empty row disappears.
accturally i have two models. grids in the two models both only have text and true/false columns. but one grid does not show default empty row, and the other still shows the empty row. the value of the true/false column is false.

i hope i make the question clear.

thanks in advance.

fyi, i'm using appian6.71....



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  • The grids will be blank as long as none of the values that you set as 'default value' for the columns are all null. It seems that one of your array values is not blank. This is possible if you've set a default value at the Process Variables level or during any of the expression. The best way to test this is to check the values in a running instances using in flight monitoring. This will tell you what data is causing the issue.
    The reason for your row is the TRUE FALSE field. Having a value of 'False' indicates to the grid to display the corresponding 'cell' with the value of false (unchecked). Try setting the default value of this pv to null and it should get rid of your row.
  • hi srinivasan, i tried it again today.
    i found:
    in my poc model i set null as default value for boolean input, default empty row disappears.
    but in my project model it did not.
    and when i created a empty boolean process variable and used it instead of null,
    it worked again.
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    1 month ago

    I have faced a similar issue where the data for the Grid was a rule which returns a data subset. I was facing a empty row is being displayed even if there is no data. The data in the data subset is literally null() and it does not have any value. The Grid is showing a empty row is because of the total count it received form the data subset. In my case the totalCount returned was 1. So, the grid displayed a row as the totalCount received from the rule was 1. So, the conclusion is whenever a grid shows a empty value even if there is no default value then the issue is with the totalCount.