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We want user to download files that are present in ECM system with a single click from Appian user interface.

We don't want to download and keep files on Appian server till user explicitly click on link to download file. How can we achieve file download (REST API call) and document link together on single button click?

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  • Is there any other way to set a different external file name while using download document link functionality?

    Nope.  Such behavior will 100% require 2 clicks by the user, at least.

    The implementation you describe is pretty much already what I'd suggest anyway - copy the document to a temporary copy with a new name, and expose that as the document download link.  The user would need to click once to initiate the initial copy/rename, then after that's done, they can click again to download the document. 

    To confirm, the Document Download Link component does not have any way of doing anything "before" the download - literally all it does is provide a direct download link.

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