a!startProcessLink() open in a different/new tab?

Is there way when we click on a!startProcessLink() it opens in a different tab rather than the same tab?

I can do right click and open in new tab and it works. But i want to do this automatically on click of the link.

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    Certified Lead Developer
    4 months ago in reply to Peter Lewis
    The record action contains a property for "openActionsIn"

    As an aside, i think it was a bit of an oversight / feature incompleteness issue that [some of] the other link components were updated with launch target overrides (which is great) but a!startProcessLink() was passed over.  Especially considering that with enough (unreasonably work-aroundish) effort, someone could set up arbitrary links anyway using the Record Action link as you mentioned - of course this would require staging a dummy record type, a dummy action, etc - and for what gain?