a!startProcessLink() open in a different/new tab?

Is there way when we click on a!startProcessLink() it opens in a different tab rather than the same tab?

I can do right click and open in new tab and it works. But i want to do this automatically on click of the link.

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    Certified Lead Developer
    4 months ago in reply to Peter Lewis
    how often would you say that you have an action that isn't associated with a record in some way

    I don't know whether that's a fair metric by which to judge whether a!startProcessLink()'s lack of a "new_tab" launch target is actually a "feature incompleteness" issue.

    But I'll go ahead and say I use it fairly often and (without having an easy way to tally retrospectively of course) i'd roughly estimate that maybe 75% of my use cases are relevant to data that doesn't concern any specific entry in one of the (relatively few) DB tables we have set up as Record Types.