How can I get Inputs from a User Input Task, and I only know the Task ID?


I have a problem when I try to load a Interface1 (inside another Interface2). My code is:

links: if(fv!item.configuredDrilldown = "TASK_DETAILS",
                        items: index(local!, fv!item.drilldownField, {}),
                        /*expression: a!processTaskLink(task: fv!item)*/
                        expression: a!dynamicLink(
                                  value: fv!item,
                                  saveInto: ri!id

Using a!processTaskLink(), open the Task in Tempo (keeping the inputs values). But, I wat to see the Interface Task (Interface2) down my grid (Interface1). Grid where Im going selected the different Task.

I retrieve the Task ID with a!dynamicLink() function, but dont know how access to inputs (or reference, or something to show the Interface2 values on the bottom of the Interface1).



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