Hyperlink to tab, button, card layout or dynamic link

We've been using TABS interface pattern on a site tab to display various functions of the application together.

For instance, below screenshot shows Home, Customers, and Orders tabs on a landing site page to users. On Orders tab, user A performs some actions that results into an email notification to user B. Now, our business team wants to include a hyperlink to Orders tab in the email that was sent so that user B can land on Orders tab directly and start viewing status of his/her work.

Currently, there is a no way to hyperlink to a page/screen displayed by using a!buttonWidget or a!dynamiclink. 

We can't convert Orders tab into a separate site tab as we have only 5 limited sites tab and have been allocated to other important functions of the system. 

To address this problem temporarily, we created a new site only for Orders tab because site tab has a link. This was accepted with great reluctance from the users and results into poor usability and disjointed experience.

Now the problem is that we have lot of other requirements, which are similar to this. And we can't just keep creating new site pages and seems to be an inefficient approach.

Without the option of hyperlinking to buttons or links, it clearly reduces our options to build an unified experience (one-stop-shop) for the users. Many users have highlighted the fact that they want to get to system function which requires immediate action without multiple clicks. Users are notified by email about action required. 

Note: Orders tab is not a record type, so solution to direct users to record summary page from email link is not applicable.

Has anyone ever thought of creating an UI component for hyperlinking, may be an anchor tag, etc? But documentation lacks details to build such kind of component, which will also take care of things mentioned into saveInto i.e. setting variable values, calling queries, etc.

Please let me know, if anyone has addressed this problem.

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