Dynamic Site Management

As an Appian Developer, I want to:

  • Add another level of nesting in a Sites Page so that I can pack more content into an Appian Site which is limited to five Pages
  • Track adoption/usage of Appian Sites/Pages/Views so that I can see where users are spending their time

As an Appian End User, I want to:

  • Have Appian remember which Site Page View I was on so that I can return to it at my next session
  • Get a deep link to an Appian Site Page View so that I can bookmark or share a direct link to it

Pre-requisite for optional Google Analytics tracking: Google Analytics Utility

Use this app to dynamically manage your growing set of Appian Sites:

  • Add another level of navigation/real estate to Sites Pages (called “Views” - like those on Records)
  • Make the last-visited Views persist across sessions per user
  • Get bookmarkable URLs to Views that can be shared with others
  • Track adoption of Sites Pages and Views via Google Analytics
  • Create a “Sitemap” to browse to or search for any Sites, Pages, Views, or Links

Review the easy-to-understand sample in this app to quickly understand how to adopt this functionality for your Sites and deliver a much bigger punch via your Appian apps!

The icon for this app is "Icon Pond" made by https://www.flaticon.com/authors/popcorns-arts