Export data into excel

Hi all,

We are exporting data into an excel which works fine.

We wanted to have "id" column as a hyperlink in excel which is not working.

Is there a way to implement this? Any suggestions are welcome.



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    7 months ago


    The link which you are trying to display can this be constructed by merging data in the cells of generated Excel document. If so try to create a base template which is similar to the attached document Excel template for dynamic links.xlsx, (or) if you don't want a sheet 2 data as shown in the template then you can construct the link in Appian itself and pass it to the template where the template will have the logic to make it a clickable link by following anyone of these should fulfill your requirement.
    If the link which you are trying to construct doesn't form by merging data in the cells then I would recommend creating a custom plugin. I hope this helps you.

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